Finishes and effects

Contact to find out more about Calverts finishing services, and what you can do with special printing effects.


Finishing is everything that happens to the printed artwork other than binding. We provide the following techniques and are always happy to try and achieve something completely new.


This effect is achieved by sandwiching two or more sheets together. One or more coloured stocks can be used, with the final product often having a bulky feel. Both sheets used should be the same weight (also applies to triplexing/quadruplexing/etc).

Die Cutting

Using a cutting forme, or die, shapes can be cut from printed material. Die cutting produces very clean and crisp cuts, even with intricate shapes. Laser-cutting can be more cost-effective on smaller quantities although can leave burn marks if not handled correctly.


Foiling uses a hot metal plate to transfer the image onto the paper stock in either a matt or gloss foil.

Embossing and Debossing

Please supply your artwork files greyscale at 300dpi as PDF. Make sure files are clearly labelled with the colour you intend for that layer. It is advisable to also provide a full colour JPG for us to use as a reference.


We always welcome the chance to combine different types of printing and finishing in unique and unusual ways. Bring us your idea and we will do the rest.

Spot Varnish

A spot varnish is a special effect that puts varnish only on specific areas of a printed piece. Use spot varnish to make a photograph pop off the printed page, highlight drop caps, or to create texture or subtle images on the page. Spot varnish is clear and usually glossy.

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