This is a printing office

This is a printing office
January 26, 2012 Calverts

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Beatrice Warde was a typographer and propagandist for fine printing. Her manifesto, This is a Printing Office, was produced as a broadsheet in 1932 following years of work under the persona “Paul Beaujon,” whom she described as “a man of long, grey beard, four grandchildren, a great interest in antique furniture and a rather vague address in Montparesse.”  

When the executives at the Lanston Monotype Corporation in London offered Mr. Beaujon the post of part-time editor by mail in 1927, they were flabbergasted when Beatrice arrived in their offices to accept the position.

She was promoted to publicity manager in 1929, which was virtually unheard of in publishing at that time, and held this post until she retired in 1960.

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