The Good Gym

The Good Gym
January 1, 2012 Calverts
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If Christmas and New Year are now hazy memories blotted out by an excess of saturated fats and alcohol then help is at hand to get you in good shape and do some good in the world in the form of The Good Gym.
The Good Gym is unlike any other gym in the fact that you don’t spend a load of money on membership only to be bored a few months down the line. Instead put your energy to good use and do a regular run with an organized group stopping off on the way to do a helpful but manual community task. Or you can take it further and get paired up with an elderly person and do individual runs to that person on a regular basis to keep them company and check on their wellbeing.
The thinking behind it all is that regular gyms purposefully waste energy and there are people in our communities that need that energy. You will also benefit from it by being healthier and feeling empowered by the new people you will meet and the chance to improve lives.
At the moment it is only operating in Tower Hamlets (but open to anyone). However as part of the Olympic Legacy they will hopefully be expanding the project to the boroughs surrounding the Olympic Park so expect it to grow and grow.
Recent examples of group runs include moving some chicken sheds at Stepney City Farm, clearing an unkempt courtyard for a community centre and doing a spot of gardening for a local elderly person.
If you are a local community group or charity with a task you need a hand with or if you want to join up as a runner see The Good Gym for further details.
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