The benefits of press passing

The benefits of press passing
June 25, 2010 Calverts

Eddies Cafe

It is often the case that much of what we print is produced without the client being present. However, one of the advantages of Calverts being based in inner London is that local clients can press-pass their work.

Printing plates will have been made by this stage so  it could be expensive to make sweeping changes to approved artwork however press-passing does offer a cost-effective opportunity to check colour reproduction on the actual paper stock.

Please be aware that colour can only be adjusted in tracks parallel to the direction in which the sheet comes off the press. So if you were to increase the cyan (for example) in a picture at the grip edge of the sheet then everything that follows behind that on the sheet will also be affected.

It’s easier to see this on press than explain it here so why not give us a call, an email, or even a job to show you what we mean!

Press-passing decisions should be made quite quickly. The press is already running and costs will be based on uninterrupted print production.

While we do try to give accurate time-slots for clients to press-pass their work occasionally there may be a little bit of a wait. We’ll try to entertain you as best we can but if you should get bored, hungry, or both then Eddie's Café, just around the corner from us on Mare Street, comes highly recommended… 

Photo by Emily Webber

Since this post first appeared Eddie's Cafe is no more. It's been replaced by Hackney Bureau, which doesn't look much from the outside however it does a very tasty Hackney Sour Dough sandwich, locally sourced from East London's finest E5 Bakehouse.

Hackney Bureau

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