Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park welcome pack

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park welcome pack

We designed and printed an environmentally responsible business Welcome Pack for the London Legacy Development Corporation.

The creative brief emphasised the need for the pack to be accessible, business-like, and clear in its visual language, while conveying a sense of excitement and vibrancy.

The brief also required that different elements of the pack would need to be updated at different times. The client sought a solution that avoided costly and wasteful remaking of all the elements for every update.

Our solution involved designing the pack as 13 individual leaves, bound into two cover leaves with nickel interscrews. The interscrew binding could be quickly disassembled and reassembled to change one or more amended content pages at a time. This also made the pack an eminently ‘keepable’ and interactive object, satisfying another ambition of the brief.

A final challenge was to produce the pack to the highest environmental standards. We met this challenge by laying out on a 170mm x 140mm format, to maximise utilisation of plates and printing press capacity (as well as offering 20% more ‘page-area-per-£’ in terms of printing costs, as compared with a conventional ‘A’ format).

The brochure was FSC certified and produced in house under Calverts’ UKAS accredited ISO14001 environmental system, using Bio vegetable oil based inks. For durability and recyclability, we specified a soft-touch cellulose based lamination for the cover, and the interscrew solution also allowed for straightforward disassembly and recycling at end of life.

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