Co-operative Development Strategy

Co-operatives UK Interactive Strategy Pack

Co-operatives UK’s mission is to ‘promote, unite and develop’ the co-operative enterprise sector, which comprises more than 7,000 businesses employing 235,000 people, with a combined turnover of £36 billion.

The client needed a high-impact campaign tool embodying interactivity, stimulation of new ideas, high energy and a ‘spirit of joy’ to elicit members’ ideas and engagement around growing the co-operative sector. We needed to convey inclusivity, diversity, shared ambition and ‘big horizons’.

Calverts solution centred on a large-scale, 50cm x 70cm illustration, commissioned from Rebecca Hendin, containing a dense collage of icons, human subjects and activities in a grid of 35 panels. This could be deployed as a single display graphic, or converted to a deck of 35 cards, each printed on the reverse with colour-coded, game-style instructions, inviting people to co-create strategic ideas in a collective exercise. The deck was accompanied by a 16-page explanatory booklet, with cards and booklet enclosed in a Maltese-cross style interlock sleeve.

The outcome was rich feedback from diverse audiences, from members of large agricultural and consumer co-ops to activists from small community projects, enabling Co-operatives UK to confidently articulate and win member support for a new five-year development strategy.

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