Kids Prints!

Kids Prints!
June 28, 2011 Calverts

The Tortoise club is run by the lovely people at Galapagos Conservation Trust and we've just produced some professional prints for the winning entries in their latest competiton.

The theme was to create an illustrated map of Galapagos, featuring some of the 'wildlife stars' of the islands and to highlight conservation projects that are going on to protect them.  The standard was extremely high and the entries were judged by GCT staff and volunteers. 

The decision about the winner and runners up was not an easy one, but here they are:

In first place Hyrum Veach, of Salt Lake City, USA:


 In second place Emily Leaver, of Tring, Hertfordshire:

  kids prints 2  

In third place Hannah Graham of Leicester 

 kids prints 3


Congratulations kids!

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