Our environmental policy

Calverts is a communications design and printing worker owned co-operative, based in Bethnal Green. Founded in 1977, Calverts specialises in branding, publications and sustainable print and produces high quality literature and web-based media for corporate, community, government and arts organisations.

We have a hard-earned reputation as ‘green’ printers and believe that designing for today’s world means coming up with solutions that are not just beautiful and engaging, but also careful about people and mindful of resources.

We have FSC® chain of custody certification and work with our clients to deliver print and digital communications that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Our environmental policy has evolved over 40 years, as an outcome of Calverts ethos as a socially responsible business, and in support of our clients’ own corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental policies.

Design and Print affect the environment and, since 2011, Calverts has implemented an environmental management system to the requirements of ISO14001 to reduce our negative environmental impact, certified by NQA, a leading assessment and verification body.

We are committed to comply with or exceed the requirements of environmental legislation and other compliance obligations to which we subscribe. These include the FSC chain of custody, to help reduce our impact of paper use on natural resources, the worker co-operative code, for social and environmental impact, ethics and workers welfare, and Zero Emissions Network for encouragement of low emission transport options and bike use.

When procuring goods and services, we will balance the need for quality, reliability and value with criteria of ethical production, energy efficiency, least environmental harm and least waste.

We will look to work with suppliers that treat people fairly, are local, and are cooperatives or other forms of social business.

Where they are available, we will use manufacturer eco-labels and supplier EMS certifications as tools to help us make informed choices.

We are also committed to environmental protection, including prevention of pollution, and the continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

Our objectives are to:

  • Reduce the impact of our supply chain
  • Improve resource efficiency.

We have set up programmes to achieve this with targets and time scales, and will provide sufficient resources and training to ensure these are met.

We will encourage the commitment and involvement of all our members in implementing this policy in our day-to-day activities and it is our intention to communicate openly and consult with any interested parties on environmental issues, our neighbours, local community, regulators, suppliers and customers.

We undertake to review this policy on a regular basis, and in the light of new knowledge, changing legislation, and changes to the procedures within the organisation.


Katie Sheppard, Environmental Manager

24 March 2023

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