Postcard books

Postcard books
June 26, 2011 Calverts

Norwich postcard book


Whether you’re an artist, photographer or gallery owner the postcard book is great promotional tool.

A beautiful object in itself, it also has a second life when individual postcards are taken out and sent to recipients. The postcard book is an interesting format. Not quite a perfectbound book, the individual postcards are glued loosely into the spine and can be removed individually leaving the remainder of the book intact.
Postcard books are something Calverts specialise in.
The example above was produced for BA (Hons) Illustration course at Norwich University College of the Arts, using 250gsm Cyclus Offset throughout, printing with our wax-based Simitri toner which provides oil-less fixing to the paper at lower temperatures – giving an enhanced colour image, with lower energy costs and a significant reduction in the amount of dangerous gases released into the environment. Finally the books were hand-glued and bound with a cloth spine to produce a beautiful, practical portfolio piece.

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