A Marque on the World

A Marque on the World
November 9, 2013 Calverts


Here are a couple of applications of the new global Co-operative Marque, designed by Calverts and launched at the biennial General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance in Cape Town, South Africa.

A visual alignment device for any co-operative business, big or small, anywhere in the world, the marque is available in seven colours and three languages from identity.coop, along with detailed guidelines, a toolkit of signature images, and slogans including the message ‘Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World’. Users can also deploy their own messages alongside the Marque, and apply for a free top level .coop domain name.

The marque is the outcome of six months’ experimentation and research, including a 22-question, multi language open survey, drawing detailed responses from over 1,000 co-operative activists in 86 countries.


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