Right to Remain: Asylum Navigation Board

Right to Remain: Asylum Navigation Board
December 7, 2018 Calverts
Asylum Navigation Board Game Box


Right to Remain Asylum Navigation Board

Seeking asylum in the UK can be a difficult process. The Right to Remain asylum navigation board is a way to understand each step of the asylum system, from application to decision. Participants can learn about what people going through the system and those supporting them can do to be in a better position.

We produced the board game, box, and accessories with Right to Remain and Dr Victoria Canning of Bristol University, incorporating illustrations from Right to Remain’s existing Toolkit into the design. Our designer selected FS Me as the typeface for the text on the board and the cards because it is designed specifically to improve legibility for people with learning disabilities, a group who often face additional challenges navigating the asylum system.

The board itself is Brilliantia 4095 Grey card stock printed in CMYK colour on one side with cloth on the reverse. The box also includes a set of A6 cards, game instructions, two small wooden figures, and die cut foam inner to hold everything in place.


Asylum Navigation Board Game Box
Wooden piece on board
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