June 23, 2009 Calverts

Thank you so much for the calendars…

Last week we had the pleasure of printing the latest Airside Calendar. Thanks to Nat at Airside for this very nice testimonial:

“Working with you has been amazing. We have never worked with a printers who are so communicative, responsive and helpful. Really, it was a joy. You have no idea how hard it has been to find a printer who would answer our questions in words of one syllable. And a company where all the people you speak to know what’s going on with your job. We will now recommend you wherever we can. And we’ll look for another job to work with you on.”

Airside kindly mentioned Calverts in their blog, and much as we like to read about ourselves, we couldn’t help but be distracted by their own sterling work. Some of their T-shirts are right on the money.

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