is the creative website of Calverts, the communications co-operative.

We design and produce integrated print and web based media. Our studio teams deliver effective and striking visual identities, outdoor visuals and exhibitions, marketing campaigns, websites and high quality, sustainable, cost effective print.

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Design for the real world

Calverts is a communication design co-operative. We create and deliver visual identities, complete publications, individual pages and integrated campaigns using the right combination of media to reach any audience.


The Calverts design team is ideas-driven, attentive, expert and professional. Our clients are not buying a Calverts house style; they're tapping a flexible resource of fresh thinking, experience, creativity and project management know-how to deliver their print, digital or display communications on brand, on time and on budget.


We believe designing for today’s world means coming up with solutions that are not just beautiful and engaging, but also careful about people and mindful of resources. We work with our clients to deliver print and digital communications that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. No wasted words, resources or effort; in other words, design following the principle that 'less can be more'.

“Communicative, willing to work in a collaborative way to get the best possible result. They really understand the environmental and social impact of the processes they use” – Nat Hunter, RSA


"The team are true professionals" - Michelle Carville, Carville Creative


“Everyone exhibits a quiet confidence” – Humphrey Gervais, Business Mentor


“I cannot recommend highly enough to any organisation – public, private or not-for-profit” - Dee Burn, School of Advanced Study


“Consistently high quality; keen to offer ideas and improvements to a project” – Felix Lozano, Wave Design


“I particularly like their collaborative approach, attention to detail and ability to work closely, and creatively, to a brief” – Andy Stern, Analytica Media


“The best design and print agency in London” – Russell Vaught, Digital Strategy


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Worst feedback from clients, transformed into a collection of posters.

Identity design

A mark on the world

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Here are a couple of applications of the new global Co-operative Marque, designed by Calverts and launched at the biennial General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance in Cape Town, South Africa.


A visual alignment device for any co-operative business, big or small, anywhere in the world, the marque is available in seven colours and three languages from, along with detailed guidelines, a toolkit of signature images, and slogans including the message 'Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World'. Users can also deploy their own messages alongside the Marque, and apply for a free top level .coop domain name.


The marque is the outcome of six months' experimentation and research, including a 22-question, multi language open survey, drawing detailed responses from over 1,000 co-operative activists in 86 countries.


The designs, images and messages drew on an analysis of peoples' thoughts, feelings and imaginings about co-operation, as well as an investigation of the history and development of co-operative iconography around the world. We'd like to acknowledge the expert input of Buenos aries-based designer Sebastian Guerrini in developing the research methodology.


A big inspiration for the Calverts team was the Fair Trade mark - a classic of 'lean design' for a collective identity. Over the years, the FT mark has succeeded in helping educate consumers around the world about its proposal of a fair deal for developing world agricultural producers. How many people know that 75% of those Fairtrade producers are also co-operators? The International Co-operative Alliance has a clear mission: to see co-operatives become the fastest-growing form of global enterprise within 10 years. The marque is an important element in its programme of work around 'Identity', one of the five pillars of the Alliance's 'Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade'.


Get in touch if you'd like to know more about this remarkable project, the work behind it, and our plans to make this a co-operative decade.