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We design and produce integrated print and web based media. Our studio teams deliver effective and striking visual identities, outdoor visuals and exhibitions, marketing campaigns, websites and high quality, sustainable, cost effective print.

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Design for the real world

Calverts is a communication design co-operative. We create and deliver visual identities, complete publications, individual pages and integrated campaigns using the right combination of media to reach any audience.


The Calverts design team is ideas-driven, attentive, expert and professional. Our clients are not buying a Calverts house style; they're tapping a flexible resource of fresh thinking, experience, creativity and project management know-how to deliver their print, digital or display communications on brand, on time and on budget.


We believe designing for today’s world means coming up with solutions that are not just beautiful and engaging, but also careful about people and mindful of resources. We work with our clients to deliver print and digital communications that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. No wasted words, resources or effort; in other words, design following the principle that 'less can be more'.

“Communicative, willing to work in a collaborative way to get the best possible result. They really understand the environmental and social impact of the processes they use” – Nat Hunter, RSA


"The team are true professionals" - Michelle Carville, Carville Creative


“Everyone exhibits a quiet confidence” – Humphrey Gervais, Business Mentor


“I cannot recommend highly enough to any organisation – public, private or not-for-profit” - Dee Burn, School of Advanced Study


“Consistently high quality; keen to offer ideas and improvements to a project” – Felix Lozano, Wave Design


“I particularly like their collaborative approach, attention to detail and ability to work closely, and creatively, to a brief” – Andy Stern, Analytica Media


“The best design and print agency in London” – Russell Vaught, Digital Strategy


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Worst feedback from clients, transformed into a collection of posters.

Publications design

Supporters Direct

Supporters Direct

Client: Supporters Direct
Project: Briefing Papers

Supporters Direct promotes sustainable spectator sports clubs, based on supporters' involvement and community ownership. Its members are, in the main, grass roots supporters' trusts in football and rugby clubs.

We've just designed and printed the first two in a series of four heavyweight papers aimed at influencing policy thinkers and government. The first paper was 'Developing Public Policy to Encourage Supporter Community Ownership in Football'. Written by Substance, and with involvement from co-operative law specialists Cobbetts LLP plus research input from three universities, these publications will take SD to a new level of influence and respect as an advocate for co-operative ownership and control of sports clubs.

SD Chief Executive Dave Boyle gave us a succinct brief: we needed to create cool but lively, readable pages. Visual style: make it German. As fans of German magazine design ourselves, we thought we knew what he meant. The other requirement was to come up with an unusual format which would be cost effective in production terms.

The Calverts design team proposed the classic 'journal' format 240mm x 170mm portrait (sometimes known as B5) and specified an unusual, German-made recycled paper called Redeem, which is exclusive to Fenner Paper in the UK - it's a bulky, unbleached uncoated with a slightly greenish natural shade. Pages were set at an average 300 words, using indented pull quotes in subtle blocks of pastel colour to create visual rhythm.

The two reports, at 44pp and 52pp, were designed, laid out, proofed, amended, printed and delivered in record time, hours before a House of Commons launch on May 10th - which went really well, by all accounts. One MP commented to our client on the high production values, saying that to him it looked and felt ... quite German.

You can download a complete PDF or order a copy of either report from the Supporters Direct website.